Getting to know OHreo!

by almiralim

Oreo's commercial ad.

The first day of our clas was quite interesting. I said to myself ” this is it” Let me find out  who is going to be our trainer. Our Trainer “Oreo” introduced himself and gave a warm Welcome letter to everyone. He seems Pleasant afterterall. This is just what one would  want from a Trainer. An advocate of self-motivation, creative and accommodatin. Finally the long wait is over we are now able to meet the voices behind those MOD Skype names and we are now going to meet “Oreo”.During our  meet and greet,  we introduced ourselves with a brief backgroundand had our first-hand judgment on our Trainer. His voice seems strict and stiff (at first) but as days past we were no longer timid and shy since He has this Bubbly personality wherein you can be cozy , crazy yet professional. I wasn’t still satisfied with our little meet-up and so I googled our Trainer’s Biography and stumbled upon some fun facts about him. 

  • OhReo as in Oh my! Remember that EPOL-APPLE show at ABS-CBN he was a part of it. He was such a cutie not that he isn’t anymore now but as a kid he was Oh so adorable.
  • He seems to be a composed person. I saw his One-minute Introduction video and he keeps his handy dandy organizer with him. No wonder our Discussions are very well-put together because he has been cast a spell on some “O.C-iness” in him.
  • He is named after the favorite cookie of every kid on this planet “Oreo” which is nice  however I’m not sure if there is some goodness with dunkin Ketchup on it instead of the cold creamy milk.

Our Trainer “Oreo” taught us  a very important lesson already that its ok to be happy-go-lucky, feel confused at times. The key there is to teach oneself to be motivated since where ever you go or what job you chose to do you can be confused or easily give up but as long as you also help yourself up then you can go along way.